Allan Henry

Dungeon Master

A self-described "goofball dad and huge nerd", Allan Henry is a Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School graduate and a trained Stage Combat Tutor at the New Zealand National Youth Drama School. He has been in a multitude of theatre productions around the world, most recently A Boy Called Piano by The Conch that recently premiered at BATS Theatre, and is well recognised by Wellington locals as Winston Peters in the Wellington's comedy institution PSA.

His recent screen credits include Trooper Taylor in James Cameron's Avatar, Mr Kinloch in Lucy Lewis Can't Lose, and Al in Girl vs Boy, and he's currently playing Principal Coxhead in TV3's Mean Mums.

He's a regular stunt and fight performer and motion capture artist, and has worked on numerous productions including Ghost in the Shell, Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets, The BFG, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Fantastic Four, The Hobbit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Iron Man 3 and Avatar.

Allan is also a professional Game Master for Questbook, and long-time D&D fanatic.

Harriet Prebble

Lor Maros / Producer

​Harriet Prebble is a professional actor, voice artist and producer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Harriet has performed in theatres across the country, and recent credits include Massive Crushes at BATS Theatre, and The Atom RoomThe Father and Three Days in the Country at Circa Theatre. She was nominated for Supporting Actress of the Year and Most Promising Female Newcomer at the 2015 Wellington Theatre Awards for her role as Janet Frame in Gifted. She has also lent her voice to numerous characters in the animated series Nori Roller Coaster Boy, alongside Thomasin MacKenzie and Peter Hambleton. 

Harriet is the founder and artistic director of Canvas Abyss, the production company behind Dungeoning & Dragoning, a live D&D show that enjoyed a sold-out season at Wellington's Circa Theatre. She is also the co-creator and co-producer of The Road Unknown.


Harriet plays Lor Maros, a triton Wild Magic Sorcerer from the cloistered and militaristic enclave of Algas, deep beneath the Bay of the Dancing Dolphins. With her long indigo hair tied in rigid plaits and her simple, quick-drying cream robes falling in neat lines over her light green skin and carefully arranged fins, she is every bit the prim and disciplined sea creature. The cracks only start to show when she reaches into the weave, flinging unbridled power and pure energy back into her native plane, as uncontrollable as it is beautiful. When the weave mingles with her bloodstream, her skin cracking with dark scales and her veins bursting with biolumiscent energy, she is almost unrecognisable - but that's often preferable to the times she manipulates the weave in still silence...  

You can view Lor's online character sheet here.

James Cain

Balthazar Hinds

James Cain is a writer, director, performer and the marketing director of Red Scare Theatre Company. Joining in 2016, Cain worked in collaboration with Artistic Director Cassandra Tse to introduce Red Scare's three show seasons for 2017, producing two New Zealand works and one international production.

He regularly directs Red Scare productions such as That's All She WroteApocalypse Songs, MoodPorn, and Under. He's also directed a number of productions outside of Red Scare including Lord Bi-Ron: Mad, Bad and Dangerous (A Mulled Whine), Carrie: The Musical, Richard II, and Horatio. 

In 2018 he wrote the acclaimed Movers which was shortlisted for the Adam New Zealand Play award. It premiered in Wellington and toured to Auckland and Hamilton later that year. He's also been shortlisted twice for the Playwrights b4 25 award, for Movers and M'Lady.

James works at Circa Theatre as Marketing Executive and runs his videography business Able Cain.


Balthazar Hinds has a massive chin and a massive heart. He also has the chest to hold it. Bulging out of him like a barrel, Balthazar is adorned in chain mail, a brilliant purple robe and the sign of Torm The True. At 6 foot four, Balthazar is easily noticed in a crowd and he likes it that way. Charismatic and dashingly handsome, Balthaxar wears his shock of white hair in a top knot with some strands drifting down framing his baby blue eyes. He has a pinkish skin colour but with a green tint, revealing his Half-Elf heritage. He has a long scar under his left eye and a great smile all the time. No need for facial hair; the chin does all the work. 

You can see Balthazar's online character sheet here.

Maisie Thursfield


Maisie Thursfield, a real-life bard with a love of the Bard, is a classically trained violist and singer with a love for live performance. A prolific actor also, her most recent Wellington theater productions include Melancholy Play and One Man, Two Guvnors.


Maisie plays Shasta, a ghostwise halfling Trickster Cleric of Erevan. Raised by a community in a reclusive tribe in Chondalwood, she doesn't carry a last name - biological parents pale in comparison to the bonds of the wider tribe. Very symbiotic with nature, she often resembles it, with her flowing dark brown linens and frizzy hair filled with sticks and leaves from the trees she likes to sleep in. Like Lor, she refuses to wear shoes, preferring instead to rely on her hairy tough feet to guide her through. Although she can be caustic and often lets her surface judgments run freely from her mouth, deep down she has an intense desire to right the wrongs of the world, and fight tooth, nail and mace for the oppressed beings of the Forgotten Realms. 

You can view Shasta's online character sheet here.

David Bowers-Mason

Giacomo “Gigi” Antonio di Farlaggio

Wellington actor and standup David Bowers-Mason is a frequent finalist at the Wellington Pun Battle, has performed with the Wellington Footlights Society, and is a regular on stage and screen - though they are usually small stages, and small screens. ​

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He plays Giacomo “Gigi” Antonio di Farlaggio, a human Arcane Trickster with a permanent 5 o'clock shadow and an abrasive personality. His sizeable mutton chops frame a weather-worn face, red nose, and the bright, animal eyes shared by all who hail from the Yuirwood. At 5’6” tall - and quite plump - he is not an imposing figure. His unassuming stature, however, belies a cruel combatant. He’s the product of a lifetime of dirty jobs for ethically dubious employers.

You can view Gigi's full character sheet here.